Question: What do you see first, the flower or the barbed wire? Hmmmmm…. 🌻🤔 It got me thinking…. #growthmindset is REALLY interesting to me. Did you know you can retrain the brain and reroute your default reactions? #neuroplasticity I’ve always been an “optimistic” person, but I didn’t know about mindset … More Mindset »


I shared this exactly a year ago…. SO TRUE. I’ve worked really hard to stay out of the “just keep swimming” trap of overwhelm that I had been stuck in. #Growth takes daily work AND ironically rest. 💙 “I feel like myself again.” Whew those are magical words. I didn’t … More Myself »

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JOY. GRATITUDE. BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT. 💗 Sometimes you just have to JUMP and shake things up – this weekend was exactly what I needed. If you ever feel stuck or stagnant do something different in your routine – for a day or weekend. 🌸 My word of the year is #growth… I … More JUMP for JOY »