Happy Cleaning! (Seriously)

Thieves Household Cleaner Plant Based Healthier Non-Toxic Young Living MagnifyJOY

We love Thieves Household Cleaner! We use it on pretty much everything. I love that it’s safe around kiddos and pets AND smells amazing.

This is about learning about healthier options- NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Seriously, scroll down and see all that we ditched and switched out of our home. Over the last 7+ years we’ve discovered new ways to have a clean and healthy home.

● This journey has really opened my eyes to see where we can improve in making healthy choices for our families – every day – and Young Living makes it so easy. A monthly “healthier home” box ships to our house to help me stay on track!

● I didn’t realize that many of the things that we cleaned with every day weren’t very good for us at all.  Have you ever head of “Greenwashing” – I’ve learned that it’s a term when companies try to make you think a product is healthier and natural by adding green and “natural looking” labels. Tricky, right? Now that I know, I MUST share with other families.

● Thieves Household Cleaner is so much better than other traditional cleaners – for example, Thieves is made with naturally derived ingredients that are safe to be around while cleaning. I don’t want my kiddos taking a bath in a tub that was soaked in chemicals or eating off the table (right, moms?) that was slathered in toxic junk. I get a headache walking down the chemical filled cleaning aisle at the store… thankful, I skip the whole aisle now and Young Living delivers to our doorstep! 

● It’s highly concentrated and lasts so long – seriously, one capful of concentrate to a full spray bottle of water!

So, grab yours today and get ready to clean AND breathe easy!

The best way to order Thieves Household Cleaner is to get the wholesale discount by starting with a kit!  You can order the Thieves Premium Starter Kit or the oils Premium Starter Kit – a sample of the concentrate is included or feel free to add a full size concentrate too! Starting with a bundle is definitely the best value.

Let’s chat and I’ll help you get the best deal. 

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Thieves Household Cleaner is AMAZING. It works!

Did you know?

The average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day, and 80 of those chemicals before breakfast! Most are from 5 things – soaps, makeup, shampoo, hair care and cleaners! By using Thieves Household Cleaner to clean our counters, stove, floors, and windows we have dramatically cleaned up our daily routine! Without chemicals, in one swoop, it eradicated our harsh multipurpose counter spray, stinky glass cleaner and toxic floor cleaner. If you need a small step to start using oils in your home – use them to clean! #gameplan to a healthier home. Our son STRUGGLED with respiratory issues when he was younger. We had to make a switch – do you gag with your current cleaner? Not healthy for your lungs! Simple switches make an impact.

Thieves Household Cleaner Plant Based Healthier Non-Toxic Young Living MagnifyJOY

How to order:

1. Pick your items or bundle that you want to order – 

It’s easy to order directly on the Young Living website!

Here’s the direct link> https://www.youngliving.com/us/en?enrollerid=1658529

Pick which products match your goals! I can help you decide which one is the best value for your needs. The Thieves Premium Starter Kit is perfect to replace harmful chemicals in your home with powerful, natural alternatives.

2. Anxiously wait for your awesome new cleaner to arrive!

Thieves has an amazing line including laundry soap, fruit and veggie spray, toothpaste, mouthwash, foaming soap and more! Welcome to a less toxic lifestyle. I’m so thankful for these simple switches that have made our family (especially our kiddos) healthier!

Thieves chemical free non toxic cleaning YLEO Team oils

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