CHALLENGE: Marriage High FIVE – 5 weekly questions to strengthen your relationship.

Download a PDF of the Marriage High Five – 5 Weekly Questions here – print and frame for your nightstand!

Marriage High Five - jumping high five - Magnify Joy


Give your Marriage a High Five - 5 weekly questions to strengthen your relationship @getSNAZZY

Every week (or day) ask each other these relationship building questions:

1. Little Finger – How did I make you feel loved and appreciated this week?

2. Ring Finger – Say your wedding vows – When will we make time for US {alone} this week?

3. Middle Finger – What is causing you stress? How can I make you feel loved or encouraged?

4. Pointer Finger – What does your week look like? What is the main thing you want to accomplish?  How can I contribute?

5. Thumbs Up to God – How can I pray for you this week?

High five at the end and add a 15 second hug and kiss daily. (Not just a peck). Life gets hectic. Nurture your relationship and help it grow. Don’t become roommates! #marriagehighfive

Grow your Marriage

If you asked me the one thing that has helped our marriage grow it would be this Marriage High FIVE. We have been married for 9.5 years with two fabulous kiddos. We started asking each other these questions every Sunday night for the past two year – we try to get the kids in bed a little early and have time for just us. It has really improved our communication and helped us stay on the same page. Life gets BUSY – especially with kids and we forget to take time to BE with each other. Little issues become big problems and resentment and bitterness if we let things boil up. It might feel awkward the first week or two, but then it will become natural and deeper and you will feel off if you miss a week! This year has been one of the BEST for our marriage, here’s to continuing to grow!

Join us? We challenge you to ask these 5 questions weekly AND end it with a high five and a 15 second hug and kiss – or more 😉

p.s. I don’t know the original source of these questions – there are several versions on the internet. I customized them a bit and added the high five aspect – if you know the original of the questions please comment and let me know so I can give credit!


How do you help strengthen your relationship? Leave a comment!