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For a long time we thought about moving… we had a checklist of things it would be nice to have… like a coat closet (random that we don’t have one), a playroom, a guest room, bigger yard…. BUT we’ve realized that the “perfect house” can never top our love for our neighbors and community. They are our tribe.

So, since our house isn’t getting any bigger we are finally making our house our HOME (11 years later) and getting rid of more STUFF too. Yesterday I tackled the kid’s closets – they had become my storage – I let so much GO. I used to buy more tubs and bins to “organize” but now I’ve had the #growth mindset shift that organized clutter is still clutter. Just because an item is gone doesn’t mean the memory is gone. It’s taken me YEARS to become intentional and finally “get it.”

MagnifyJOY declutter donations

And hooray, with all the new closet space, the kids made their own “kid cave” – Lego displays and mini play area with pictures and artwork. (Who needs a playroom? They made their own in the closet!) They played so well yesterday with things that had been forgotten amidst the clutter. Kids don’t like the overwhelm of stuff either. Less stuff = less stress. 👊

declutter less stuff donations magnifyJOY

We’ve spent a lot of spring break wrapping up house projects and playing outside with anyone that stops by. LOVE IT. ❤️ If you don’t know your neighbors very well, plan a block party this spring! One of our favorite things! #magnifyJOY

So, happy #springcleaning… may you truly feel PEACE when you walk into your house and may your tribe make you want to stay! 🏡

Anyone still doing the #40bagchallenge?

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