I shared this exactly a year ago…. SO TRUE. I’ve worked really hard to stay out of the “just keep swimming” trap of overwhelm that I had been stuck in. #Growth takes daily work AND ironically rest.


“I feel like myself again.” Whew those are magical words.

I didn’t even know I didn’t feel like myself until I’m back. The last few years have been a whirlwind – good, bad, busy and everything in between.

It’s pretty awesome to look back and realize how God orchestrates just the right people at the right time for what you need.

My long time friend Tricia invited me to do Camp Gladiator for FREE but I turned her down until the last day because I didn’t have time… and then she said “You won’t ever have time for yourself if you don’t MAKE time.” And right then I started clearing off my plate of busy and overwhelm and making time for myself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

So do something for YOU today.

For the last year I’ve really been focused on these things and I can tell tremendously.

✅ Working out regularly with an awesome community that encrourages me – it feels good to MOVE and helps my brain fog. Tricia – I love it like you knew I would! Thanks Amber for awesome #campgladiator workouts! 👊 💪

✅ 21 Days of Prayer by You Infuse to start off the year – and striving to give up my planner personality to be more God-Centered. Taking time to PAUSE and listen and pray. 🙏 In 2018 I’m part of a small church group!

✅ Listening to motivational / inspirational audiobooks 📚 – I figured out that “Words of Affirmation” is my love language. Do you know yours? I share my favorite inspirational quotes on my page > magnify JOY 💛🗯

✅ Daily use of favorite essential oils that help with relaxation, stress and mood. (My doc also increased my Progessence Plus, natural progesterone #happyhormones) #momlife is harder than I thought y’all – best and hardest job 🌿🙋🏼

✅ Being more #intentional about EVERYTHING from eating better to mega decluttering (I love Allie Casazza – Intentional Motherhood and Kelsey Van Kirk) and making time for nothing even when it’s hard to say no.

✅ Making family time a top priority #familyhigh5 and blocking off our calendar for #TeamSmith and our weekly #marriagehigh5 – I love you hubby! Thanks for being my biggest cheerleader! ❤️️

Let’s cheer each other on!

Here’s to the BEST YOU. 🎉


I just listened to this excellent podcast, I wish I would have had these 5 tips then! > “What to do when you feel overwhelmed”

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