Turquoise Table

🌷 I’m so excited…. I’ve never liked having people over – it STRESSED me out – our house was frantic and cluttered, my schedule was too full. I would barely crack the door if someone knocked and try to shove them to the porch and not invite them inside to the chaos. But, we’ve had lots of people over the last week and more to come! Mamas and kids chatting, playing, CONNECTING. Just stop by! (Never thought I’d say that!)

Turquoise Table Front Yard Neighbors

My hubby recently gave me the biggest compliment, “you are 180 degrees different than you were a few years ago.” It is GLORIOUS. I’ve worked so hard on #selfcare, simplifying, being intentional, saying NO and then YES to things that align with our core values and then giving myself grace.I “know” a lot of people, but now I’m finally ready to focus on #growth and getting to KNOW you. So come on over! This is our front porch table or I’ll gladly welcome you inside. 💐 “Community and friendship are waiting just outside your front door.” – The Turquoise Table: Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard (awesome book & podcast)

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