Wellness Routine

Young Living New Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit Empowered Mom

‘Tis the season! Are you prepared!?!

I didn’t even know what a wellness routine was…. 🤔 instead I would just wait and worry and feel blah…. now I feel empowered and have some SIMPLE tools to help give us a boost!

Guess what, sometimes we still get sick with a wellness routine…. BUT we bounce back quicker and feel better along the way.   Everyone needs oils. Mamas – you ESPECIALLY need them.

Stock up! Oils on your shelf or in the Young Living warehouse won’t help you! I’ll help you learn! Our lives are so much better since we have a wellness routine!

Here’s our typical daily oils routine:

Essential oils and NingXia Red are daily MUSTS for our family year-round.

I had an epiphany and mindset shift a few years ago… a 365 day a year wellness routine helps the body feel well all year round! Then when it dips you don’t have as far to fall and then climb to feel 100%. Stop scrambling in sickness all the time. Work on giving your body what it needs BEFORE you need it.

Like I said, sometimes we still feel blah, but FAR LESS OFTEN.

This is my “mom mode” feel better routine:

  • Cut out all sugar and dairy (they feed bacteria and create mucus!)
  • Add more good nutrition like bone broth & green smoothies
  • Extra supplements & probiotics (gut health is KEY!)
  • We love soaking in baths – detox with Epsom salt (and oils – lavender is so relaxing)
  • We up our Vitamin C and D3 significantly (did you know they drop?)
  • Extra NingXia Red – powerhouse antioxidants
  • Lymphatic massage and chiropractic adjustments help the immune system
  • Thieves Cough Drops offer comfort by relieving coughs, soothing sore throats, and cooling nasal passages
  • Elderberry Syrup – my neighbor makes it!
  • Clean everything with Thieves Household Cleaner (ditch the toxic cleaners that are hard on your lungs!)
  • Consider additional natural remedies or other needs (and obviously consult a medical professional if needed!)
  • Oils* – immune favorites AND emotional oils – we always feel better with JOY and Stress Away for mood!

*we continue to use our daily oils and add some extras, but remember they aren’t labeled to treat and cure symptoms, but wow we use them for extra goodness! We set the timer and oil our feet ever 30 minutes and diffuse 24/7!  Check out this immune boost capsule!

Start with your Premium Starter Kit and then build your wellness arsenal! 

You can’t use what you don’t have!  Pick your kit today or start with a couple favorite things! 

Join our community and create 365 day a year wellness routine for your family.

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