I shared this exactly a year ago…. SO TRUE. I’ve worked really hard to stay out of the “just keep swimming” trap of overwhelm that I had been stuck in. #Growth takes daily work AND ironically rest. 💙 “I feel like myself again.” Whew those are magical words. I didn’t … More Myself »

It’s OK if…

IT’S OK IF…. Your day went just as planned Or you are struggling Your day was picture perfect Or you didn’t want to capture the moment Your day was full of traditions Or just another day Your day was happy Or your day was hard Your day was full of … More It’s OK if… »

Turquoise Table

🌷 I’m so excited…. I’ve never liked having people over – it STRESSED me out – our house was frantic and cluttered, my schedule was too full. I would barely crack the door if someone knocked and try to shove them to the porch and not invite them inside to the … More Turquoise Table »

magnify JOY Dallas Reunion Tower Jump Joy


JOY. GRATITUDE. BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT. 💗 Sometimes you just have to JUMP and shake things up – this weekend was exactly what I needed. If you ever feel stuck or stagnant do something different in your routine – for a day or weekend. 🌸 My word of the year is #growth… I … More JUMP for JOY »