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magnify JOY high5 conversation starters

Welcome to magnifyJOY High5’s!  I created these conversation starters to help our family stay on track! Life gets busy and if we don’t make time to talk then we get frustrated and annoyed when the other person (people) didn’t read our minds! Can you relate?

#marriagehigh5 and #familyhigh5 are weekly traditions and conversation starters for our family (and I hope yours too!)  The #healthyHigh5 is brand new and a KEY piece for me. I am a better wife, mom and human when I make time to recharge (I put myself at the bottom of the list for sooooo long. And I crashed.) If you need it, this is permission for you to fill up your cup so you can magnify JOY and live life on purpose instead of “just keep swimming” while taking care of everyone else. YOU were made to THRIVE not just survive and shuffle through life.  Also check out the #holidayHigh5 when you are planning a vacation, holiday or trip. Save these to your phone and make them part of your routine. Start with one question or jump into the whole high 5.

magnify JOY high5 conversation starters


magnify JOY marriage high5 couple conversation starters
magnify JOY marriage high5 conversation starters for couples
Every week (or day) ask each other these relationship building questions:

1. Little Finger – Little Things Matter – How did I make you feel LOVED and APPRECIATED this week?

2. Ring Finger – When will we make TIME for us this week? Dates? Recite wedding vows.

3. Middle Finger – What is causing you STRESS?
How can I help you feel loved or ENCOURAGED?

4. Pointer Finger – What are our PLANS for the week? How can I contribute? Review the calendar.

5. Thumbs Up to God – How can I PRAY for you this week? Other prayer requests?

Grow your Marriage

If you asked me the one thing that has helped our marriage grow it would be this Marriage High FIVE. We have been married for 12 years with two fabulous kiddos. We started asking each other these questions every Sunday night 5 years ago (year 7 was a struggle for us – two little little kids and crazy schedules) – now we try to get the kids in bed a little early and have time for just us. It has really improved our communication and helped us stay on the same page. Life gets BUSY – especially with kids and we forget to take time to BE with each other. Little issues become big problems and resentment and bitterness if we let things boil up. It might feel awkward the first week or two, but then it will become natural and deeper and you will feel off if you miss a week! This year has been one of the BEST for our marriage, here’s to continuing to grow!

Join us? We challenge you to ask these 5 questions weekly AND end it with a high five and a 10-second kiss – or more 😉

How do you help strengthen your relationship? Leave a comment!

Now we have a #FamilyHigh5… similar idea… we hang it on our fridge, it’s our Sunday night tradition.  We take turns answering these 5 questions at dinner. The kids remind us to do it.

magnify JOY family high5 conversation starter weekly routine

magnify JOY family high5 conversation starter


5 questions to connect and magnify JOY

Ask each other these relationship building questions every week.  Use your hand as a visual. 

1. Little Finger – Little Things Matter – How did you feel LOVED and APPRECIATED this week?

2. Ring Finger – When will we have FAMILY TIME this week? Dates? Say the family motto / focus word.

3. Middle Finger – What is causing you STRESS? How can we help you feel loved or ENCOURAGED?

4. Pointer Finger – What are our PLANS for the week? How can each person contribute? Review the calendar.

5. Thumbs Up to God – How can we PRAY for you this week? Other prayer requests?


How does your family stay connected?


And a brand new Healthy High 5!

This has made the biggest impact for me. 

As Brene Brown says in Dare to Lead, “…the best predictor of living into my values is being in physical, spiritual and emotional shape.”  If I don’t take care of myself, then all the other “stuff” will always be harder than it needs to be. This has been hard for me to learn – I am a “fixer” I just want things done. But working on myself takes vulnerability and time. It’s worth it to peel back layers and lean into who God created me to be.

Are you planning a trip or vacation time?

You NEED the Holiday High 5!  #holidayHigh5

magnify JOY holiday high5 planning for trips and holidays with less stress

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This is my WHY behind the High 5’s – taking care of myself, my marriage and my family is so important to me. We go back to basics every week with these simple routines.  These conversation starters have made such a difference – less stress, fewer miscommunications… more forward momentum and living life on purpose. Join our family and make time to HIGH 5!  It leaves more room for adventures and dreaming!

magnifyJOY I am Jess