Just Keep Swimming

“Just Keep Swimming” (yes from the movie Finding Nemo) used to be my motto….

It’s not a secret that my road to motherhood was not the “dream job” entry I had planned… fast forward version… miscarriage, liver tumor, 2/3 of my liver removed, traumatic emergency c-section with Caroline and then overwhelm and chaos as a new mom of two as my mom when through cancer treatment. Busy life at fast forward speed. Spoiler alert: parenting is hard. Then the unexpected death of my mother-in-law. I never dealt with all the emotions and pushed self care to the back… off the radar. Everyone has a story.

Several events snapped me out of the fog of wandering motherhood… what was my purpose? I finally focused on self care, personal development, wellness, having FUN, saying no to things that didn’t matter and YES to things that did. #workinprogress

Every year for the past several, I have prayed for a word of the year instead of my “just keep swimming” motto of the past. It helps me to focus throughout the year – my words have been….

Live Simply



And this year is #GROWTH

My hubby gave me the biggest compliment, he said you are 180 degrees different than you were a few years ago. It’s so true.

I feel like I am in God’s rhythm instead of frantically trying to swim against the current alone and be in CONTROL.

I had no idea how much impact emotions can have on our lives. I’ve done a lot of emotional work and healing this last year with essential oils, talking about trauma, decluttering our house, chatting with encouraging cheerleaders and an amazing small group at our church (that I didn’t want to join because “I didn’t have time” ahhhh, but God’s timing.)

So here’s to us and living our best life by slowing down to reflect, listen and pray so we can be a brighter light for Christ.

I finally know WHO I AM and WHOSE I AM.

Now I am on a mission to share my journey. I’ve had my own business for the last 8 years… it has morphed from career services and resume help to helping others learn to live intentionally and find JOY. Luke 1:46-47 “My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.”

I am an introvert, but I keep hearing God’s call to “LIVE OUT LOUD,” so I am here as a conversation starter and high five giver to encourage other moms and families on this journey to be more intentional especially with our health and emotions so we can truly #magnifyJOY and God’s blessings. Everyone has a story and we get lost in the idea that everyone else has a “perfect life.” NO THEY DON’T.

Satan wants us frazzled, sick, stressed and too busy. Trust me. I know. John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal, and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

I love this quote, “Jesus gives us life, life in abundance. If we are close to Him, we will have JOY in our hearts and a smile on our face.” – Pope Francis

I choose to smile and INTENTIONALLY walk in JOY. (This doesn’t mean “perfect life” – it means grace and growth.) ☀️💖

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