TEN years ago I had 2/3 of my LIVER and a large benign tumor REMOVED!! Interesting fact of the day- your liver can regenerate (similar to a lizard’s tail!) 🦎

I have a challenge for YOU at the end, so stick with me…. 👍

10 years ago this week I had a large benign tumor and 2/3 of my liver removed. The tumor was likely a side effect of prescription birth control that I was taking to control large (bigger than oranges) ovarian cysts. Y’all it was awful…

And now I know it was all connected…

* I missed my own bachelorette party in 2006 and spent a lot of days starting in high school curled up on my couch – I was in so much pain from cysts.

* I struggled with cysts and (unknowingly) liver issues for years…

* I had a miscarriage (that no one knew about) the spring before I found out about my liver tumor (it ended up being a blessing – because there could have been a lot of complications, but still really really really hard – the 1 in 4 statistic is real – talk about it, don’t hide away)

* 2008, after being sick for months they finally discovered my tumor and removed it along with 2/3 of my liver. The final straw for me to get a ton of extra tests was when I was having chest pain and had to pull over to an urgent care on the way to work. They dismissed it as reflux, but I knew it was something bigger so kept going to appointments and different specialists. They finally found the big tumor and scheduled my liver resection surgery. Recovery was rough, but ok and I thought I was back on track… but the root cause and hormone issues causing my ovarian cysts and liver issues was never addressed – I didn’t know what to keep asking, I just thought it was “something I had to deal with” and cysts continued…

* I had an emergency c-section in 2009 with Caroline after 12 hours of labor because I went into shock after an ovarian cyst the size of an orange ruptured – I had to be completely SEDATED and didn’t meet her for hours and I was on so much medicine I barely remember. Traumatic entry into motherhood. One ovary was removed and I was “fine” and am still fine, but I just found out last year that I am Estrogen Dominant — if that had been dealt with YEARS ago I may not have had liver problems or cyst issues or a traumatic birth and so many other things…

I can’t change the past…. my faith has grown and I see some of the purpose in the struggle… and now I can be an advocate for YOU and the future by telling my story.

An eye opening piece of my puzzle that finally helps everything in this struggle make sense….

“The central cause of ovarian cysts is estrogen dominance. This means your body holds too much estrogen and not enough progesterone to create balance. The estrogen your body is creating is not being processed and eliminated correctly. 😡 Plus you are taking in excess estrogens from outside of your body via synthetic estrogen-filled shampoos, cosmetics, nail polishes, household cleaners, femcare products, plastics and pesticides. This creates an estrogen overload situation.” (We’ve ditched and switched so much from our bathroom, kitchen and laundry room cabinets!)

My liver tumor was Focal Nodular Hyperplasia- estrogen wasn’t filtering correctly through my liver and built up into a tumor. Now I also know that gut health has a significant link to hormone production. Each puzzle piece is connected.

And I’ve also been eating 100% gluten free since May 2018 and I feel so much better – NO issue with cysts – did you know there is a HUGE hormone and inflammation link to gluten?!?

😱 Scary! CHALLENGE- know what you are putting in your body, weigh the options, consider an alternative and be your own patient advocate! 🔁 Switch to as many chemical free options as possible – we love Young Living’s products. THIS is why I’m so passionate about using non-toxic cleaners and products in our home. I didn’t know any better… but now that I do I can’t sit idle. A friend of mine had a heart attack caused by birth control. The fine print is REAL.

Thanks to a wonderful functional medicine doctor and personal research, I’ve finally put most of the pieces together in the last couple of years… do me a favor and when you have an issue please research (or at least start with Google) “Root cause of….” and keep digging. Many traditional doctors are trained in one area – they operate in a silo and don’t connect the dots. Now I have a plan.

In 2008, I had been sick and very tired for months, I would fall asleep sitting up and felt awful when I ate certain things (once I threw up in the bushes of the State Fair, classy right?!) but no one knew why… when something doesn’t seem right, KEEP DIGGING, then dig more, I finally asked enough questions to the right people to get some clarity. We’ve made many simple lifestyle changes and cut so many chemicals that were creeping into our daily routine from cleaners to soaps and more… I am so thankful for skilled doctors and advocates and a now full grown liver AND recently the addition of a whole body approach to healing AND the knowledge to make empowered decisions focused on WELLNESS.

It feels good to have some answers and a plan, 10 years later.


‼️ What a journey. I hope this inspires YOU to make some positive changes and keep digging.

I still dressed up in my bunny ears for Halloween in the hospital, gotta find some JOY in the chaos.

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