My journey to refocus on what matters started with one box.

I finally started to realize that I needed to slow down and think about what I was buying and filling my life with on a daily basis.  Especially for our kids.  I became passionate about non-toxic cleaning and ditching and switching chemicals out of our routines…. because, guess what… it’s hard to find JOY when you don’t feel well… and many of the harsh chemicals we were using were hormone disruptors and clogging my lymphatic system. YUCK. I needed a detox from all of that and the physical clutter in my life.

My eyes were finally WIDE open that I needed to be INTENTIONAL with the choices I was making, not just buying the next thing on sale or doing the next thing I was expected to do. I became much better at asking WHY.   We wrote down core values for our family and started saying NO to things that didn’t matter and YES to things that did. My motto had been “just keep swimming” for too long. I was tired – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I started using our new essential oils from our wellness box and saw dramatic changes.

Next came the NEED to declutter and simplify our home and uncover who I really was buried under seasons of busy. My favorite purposeful living encouragers are Diana Bigham, Allie Casazza, Jon Acuff and Bob Goff. The Big Life Journal has been another tool in our mindset shift!

I’ll be sharing books and other favorites soon! Start by checking out the box that started it all. 7.5 years ago our lifestyle started to SHIFT. Do you need a change? A shift to help you magnifyJOY?

I’m here to walk with you.

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